The foods you eat play an important role in how effectively your nervous system operates and consequently how relaxed or stress you feel throughout the day.

Modern lifestyle is fast paced and quite hectic. Though many of us don’t realize the impact, it is the prime reason for the increasing cases of health issues. Whether you are working, studying or doing nothing, there is certain amount of stress factor present every day.

This stress factor tends to rise with our day to day life, and we are unable to cope with it. Physical and emotional stress cause a reaction in the body that increases the adrenaline, a hormone which, in turn, cause certain hormonal and nerve to flee from the situation that brings answers. This emotional state usually has its origin in times of depression, anxiety or feelings of irritability; in turn, it can occur in response to various physical conditions which require more care. Although at first you can tell by the attitude and difficulty concentrating, later it can cause severe headaches, loss of energy and even digestive problems.

Superfoods For Stress Relief

Superfoods For Stress Relief

Therefore, it is essential to the first control signals through a relaxation technique and consumption of some foods that support its reduction. This time we want to reveal a top 8 with those ingredients which by their chemical composition, increase levels of the substances responsible for the welfare.

Superfoods to Control Stress:

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a great stress-reducing snack, in part because they help satisfy your urge to eat carbohydrates and sugary snacks. But rather than give you a short-lived sugar rush followed by that awful crash that comes after, sweet potatoes will deliver a ton of nutrients that your body can process slowly and steadily. According to Marie Claire, sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene and other vitamins in addition to fiber, which helps you feel full longer.


Depression has been linked to low levels of folic acid, and one vegetable that boosts this mood-enhancing nutrient is asparagus. A single cup provides two-thirds of your daily value, and it’s easy to fit asparagus into almost any meal. Some ideas: Sauté some asparagus tips for a tasty omelet. Go with steamed or grilled spears as a side vegetable for meat, fish or poultry. Snack on some steamed spears by dipping in some dressing.

Dark Chocolate

Loaded with magnesium essential to fight fatigue, stress and depression, dark chocolate works miraculously in getting yourself back to normal. You can consume one ounce a day to beat stress with your favorite dessert or with milk.

Warm Milk

Consumption of hot milk has a calming effect that controls anxiety and stress. Your contribution phospholipids has a positive effect on mood, cognitive function and decreased levels of cortisol, a hormone related to these emotions.

Red Wine

A glass of red wine a day has wonderful benefits thanks to its content of resveratrol, an antioxidant substance that mitigates the damage caused by free radicals. Swallowing is a moderately support to improve blood pressure and stimulate blood circulation. It also helps to reduce symptoms caused by stress, anxiety and depression.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Again, we recommend the consumption of vegetables rich in chlorophyll to improve health. Here are quite appropriate because ease pain and create a sense of calm that helps reduce physical and mental stress. Minerals and proteins improve concentration and reduce the substances that are secreted when one suffers too much stress.

Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress

Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress


In addition to the satisfying crunch that carrots make when you take a bite, they also help your body cope with stress through the nutrients they contain. Carrots, celery, and other crunchy veggies all contain stress-fighting nutrients while remaining low in calories, making it the perfect snack.


These creamy fruits stress-proof your body. Rich in glutathione, a substance that specifically blocks intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage, avocados also contain lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, and more folate than any other fruit. A single serving (about one-quarter of an avocado) has plenty of B vitamins, too. Remember, this may technically be a fruit, but I count it as a fat, so use portion control. Thin sliced on sandwiches, it adds a whole new layer of flavor.