Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Positive aspects of drinking Jasmine tea: Cancer treatment and prevention, Lower cholesterol levels, Anxiety Relief, Anti bacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Can drinking the aromatic jasmine tea result in health positive aspects?

Jasmine tea is a lot more than just one more beverage or thirst quencher. This natural tea consists of a considerable number of health positive aspects. Jasmine leaves are identified to have medical properties that range from bringing down raised cholesterol levels to cancer prevention. Let us examine the positive aspects of drinking Jasmine tea in a far more detailed manner:

1. Cancer treatment and prevention: Studies that have been conducted on animals show that jasmine can bring down the growth of malignant cancer cells. A study conducted individually on two separate sets of rats shows that jasmine tea was extremely powerful for prostate cancer patients and had a chemotherapy impact on those suffering from breast tumors.


In Israel, scientists have identified an anti-cancer medication called ‘Jasmonate’ which is in fact a component from Jasmine plant, which is identified to defend the plant from any foreign substance. This naturally occurring drug is still in a investigation stage, but scientists have reason to think that it could be a extremely vital cancer drug, due to the fact Jasmonate stops the spread of enzyme referred to as ‘hexokinase’ which is responsible for the growth of cancer cells. Scientists think that Jasmine plant are going to be soon together with cancer chemotherapy drugs or even replace them in future.

2. Lower cholesterol levels: A analysis on hamsters revealed that jasmine green tea has green tea catechins, that decreased cholesterol and triglyceride levels in hamsters even when animals had been put on a high fat diet plan. Although analysis is still on to come across out if it truly is as successful in humans, jasmine green tea, without having doubt, can have health positive aspects to those individuals who are on a fatty diet plan.

3. Anxiety Relief: Analysis in Japan showed that jasmine tea has an aroma that was sedative-like and calming, when it was experimented on 24 volunteers. Soon after smelling the odor of jasmine tea, their heart rates dipped and they became far more relaxed and composed. Compared to standard anti-anxiety medications, a cup of jasmine tea can make you really feel lighter and calmer, naturally.

4. Anti bacterial properties: The scientists at the Kansas State University has discovered out that jasmine tea has the properties that avoid the growth of specific bacteria that result in food borne diseases like Salmonella and Listeria This surely might be a substantial increase to the food business which is in search of natural means to kill bacteria which are responsible for food poisoning.

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