Healthy juice has gained popularity for the list of health benefits associated with drinking it.

Healthy juice is something that takes more caution for children. Because greens are very nutrient rich and a potent detoxifier, our bodies naturally begin detoxifying a bit quicker with greens then other juices. Not that this is bad, but it can make you feel ill if done too fast. Not really appropriate for children.

However, green juice is a different matter. It usually contains green leafy vegetables that give it the green color. This is packed with good stuff for growing kids. It may be a good idea to throw in an apple or maybe a carrot to improve the flavor. Diluting the juice with water is another tip whi

Healthy Juices for Kids

Healthy Juices for Kids

le giving juice to kids, especially toddlers.

Beet, Apple, and Mint Juice

Did you know that liquids are easier on your digestive system in the morning than solid foods are? Kick off your day with these fruit and vegetable juices. Antioxidant superstars, red beets contain betalains, compounds that fight inflammation and support your detox by neutralizing toxins and making them water-soluble and easily flushed from the body.

Apple and orange juice

Juice the apples. Mix with orange juice squeezed using a traditional, non-electric hand juicer — the kind where you halve an orange or lemon and place it on and squeeze. Citrus fruits are not meant to be juiced in some juicers but will easily yield their own juice. If your juicer can tolerate citrus fruits, juice away! Mix together and serve. Makes approximately 1 8oz serving. This is a good juice for beginners because it has common, beloved ingredients. Another easy variation: juice 2 carrots instead of the apples for mixing with the orange juice.

Pomegranate-Citrus Juice

Citrus never becomes boring when you mix together juice from a variety of fruits, including grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, and tangelos. Add pomegranate juice for a dose of color, flavor, and antioxidants.

Tomato Juice Recipe

The ingredients required are three cups chopped tomatoes, one cucumber, one celery, three drops stevia (optional), half tsp sea salt, pepper plus cayenne pepper. Blend the tomatoes, celery and cucumber in the blender. If you like sweet, you can add few drops of stevia. Add little salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to the juice. Your tomato juice is ready to drink.

Tomato carrot spinach apple

Juice all the ingredients. Juice the spinach first since it doesn’t yield much juice. This juice is a great alternative to the commercial bottled and packaged veg-fruit combos and includes a huge serving of spinach! Makes approximately 1 8oz serving.

Spinach Juice

The ingredients required are 1 bunch of spinach, 2 apples and 1/2 lemon. Place all the ingredients in the juicer and juice them. You can add lemon depending on your kid’s taste. Your child will enjoy the drink.