Apple has many health benefits. It contains numerous vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and vitamin C. Here are some of the benefits of eating apples during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is among the most wonderful and happiest period in the life of women. During pregnancy, women should take extra care of their diet as healthy diet is necessary for them and their growing fetuses. The diet of pregnant women should include lots of vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women should consume fresh apple as they are full of vitamins and minerals. During pregnancy women should consider fruits as their best friend. It is not surprising that regular consumption of apples during pregnancy is extremely beneficial to both the mother and the child. Knowing the benefits of eating apples will make you love to include this fruit in your daily diet.

Health Benefits Eating Apple During Pregnancy

Health Benefits Eating Apple During Pregnancy

Consuming apples during pregnancy protect the fetus from asthma, wheezing and allergic disease. Apples are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Apples also contains Vitamin A, E, K, and B6. Minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, and iron are found in high amount in apples. Apples have boron, malic acid, pectin and tartaric acid in good amount. You must consume apples with their skin as nearly half of vitamin C is contained below the skin. Consuming apples with their skin also increases insoluble fiber amount. Pregnant women should consume more than 4 apples every week. Here are some of the benefits of eating apples during pregnancy:

Top 8 Benefits Of Eating Apple:

Promotes Digestion

Apples are rich sources of insoluble fibre. So, it is no wonder that eating apples during pregnancy help in promoting digestion and providing better metabolism in pregnant women. It also helps in reducing intestinal disorders.

Protection Against Asthma

The benefits of eating apples during pregnancy include protecting the unborn child against asthma attacks later in childhood. The exact reason for this is unclear, but eating apples during pregnancy are found to be efficient in providing this particular effect.

Healthy Heart

Pregnant women run a risk of heartburn due to the high blood pressure and acidity. Eating apples during pregnancy ensures the health and strength of your heart and reduces the risk of heartburn.

Build Immunity

Our mothers would often advise us to Eat apples to build immunity. This is applicable during pregnancy as well. Apples contain vitamin C, which helps to build immunity for both the mother and the unborn child.


Anaemia in pregnant women causes many problems like preterm labour and low birth weight for the foetus. Since apples are rich in iron content, it helps in fighting anaemia to keep the mother and baby healthy.

Eating an apple to cure heartburn

Eating an apple to cure heartburn


Mercury is a harmful substance to the foetus. So, pregnant women are advised to avoid food with mercury content. Apples are useful in cleansing and detoxifying your body from mercury and lead.

Source Of Calcium

Calcium is a very important mineral needed during pregnancy for the proper development of bones in the foetus. Apples are rich sources of calcium and therefore must be included in your diet during pregnancy.

Power Food

Apples are nature’s own power food. The benefits of eating apples during pregnancy include providing the body with quick energy due to its carbohydrate content. An added benefit is that apples have very less calorie content.